A Brief Briefing…

Short and Simple tonight… You knew there was no way that I wouldn’t mention Blade Runner 2049…  I went to an early show of it and there were problems — NOT WITH THE MOVIE — with the projector.  The projector broke 10 minutes into the film, and after 15 minutes of the projectionist messing with the film, I gave up and went to the manager to transfer my ticket to another show…

An hour later, I was at it again — This time, with no problems.

Without giving any spoilers (those will come in a later post after others have a chance to view the film), I will simply say this: That was everything I hoped a sequel to Blade Runner would be.  The world was fully realized with a rich visual history, the characters and story were perfect, the music was in your face and yet ethereal at the same time…

This was a perfect movie and the near 3 hour running time felt just right.

After you see it, feel free to comment and let me know what you think.  Until then…

Best wishes,


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“Storm Front Coming…”

I could post a follow up to my post earlier this week, but I’ll keep this short tonight… saying a prayer for my friends in Florida as Hurricane Irma gears up to hit Florida this weekend.

This storm is a Category 5 BEAST right now, and looks like it is going to hit Florida hard.  I hope my friends in the state are safe.  We’re thinking of you, and praying for you here in Jersey.

Best wishes,


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Time To Gripe 

Ok.  I admit it, I skipped last Thursday, so I am posting now for what should have been last week.

First off, I hope everyone had a happy Labor Day.

Second, I need to gripe. I don’t think our leaders should take action to remove the DREAMers from this country.  

Remember: only a few hundred years ago, many of our own ancestors were children when they were brought over with their families on a boat, in search of a better life called the “American Dream”.

Now we stand to take that opportunity away from a new generation who were brought here by their parents when they were only 6-7 years old. For most of them, this is the only country they have known and DACA allowed them to build a life here.

I would hope our leaders come to their senses tomorrow when they make their announcement, otherwise: from my point of view this is just hypocrisy to deny the DREAMers the chance to build their American dream.

That out of the way, I want to wish everyone the best as we return to work tomorrow.  As for me, looking forward to a 3 day week, and then Baseball Friday…

Best Wishes,


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Sideshow (expletive deleted)-show

Well, the week is finally here… the week of the big Mayweather v. McGregor fight…

Wait a second… “BIG”?

‘Eh, wha—?

I’m sorry… When did an exhibition match between a retired egotistical maniac who currently holds no titles, and a first time boxer (who also happens to be an equally egotistical maniac) become the biggest sporting event of the year?  

Even bigger than Golovkin v. Canelo Alvarez?

Let’s be serious: this is an overhyped, overpromoted, and let’s not forget: overpriced exhibition match that should never have been allowed to happen.

My prediction?  I have two:

  1. I will not be paying for this bullshit…
  2. It will end in a disqualification before round 7 when McGregor throws a knee during a clinch… (you can’t undo instinct…)

I respect what both fighters accomplished in their respective careers, but I’m glad to see that Ticketmaster can’t give the tickets away for this fight right now…  I’m encouraged that the Boxing public has more sense than this fight’s two stars.

Whether history proves me right or wrong?  We’ll see this weekend. 

(By that, I mean I’ll be reading about it on ESPN.com on Sunday morning)

Best wishes,


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Bonus: Finally Some Good News!!!

If only I waited a few hours…  Once again, my impatience has got the better of me…

So, you have to suffer through how my mind works three times this week, rather than just on Thursday, hahaha!!!  I’ll make it brief this time.

Get the brooms ready: My Yankees just SWEPT the Mets last night!!!  WooHoo!!!

Sorry, couldn’t resist!!!  Best wishes,


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Hatred Must Never Win – Part 2…

I posted early this week because I was just too stunned that I just had to speak my mind.  I admit it was a cheat for me to copy and paste a post from my Facebook page to here on Tuesday, but it came from the heart at the time I wrote it, and that is what matters to me.

It was my hope to brighten the mood today on my regular night with something lighthearted, but during my lunch break, I saw the news on TV about Barcelona Spain.

Needless to say, my heart goes out to Barcelona tonight.

I said it on Tuesday, and I will say it again today: HATE MUST NOT WIN!!!

We will show how resilient we are, and rise up against hatred and terror… and show the best of what Humanity has to offer!

Love and best wishes,


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Hatred Must Never Win!!!

I’m pissed off…  so I am writing early this week.  I’m copying this from a post I made on my Facebook page earlier tonight because I feel like this message could not wait until I usually write on Thursday night.


This country’s leader would do best to remember that “divided by our differences, everything is torn apart and tomorrow is contingent on the tolerance of every heart…” – Myles Kennedy

The press conference that I heard a replay of now on CNN broke my heart since it tries to portray a hate group as the victims here, rather than the people who were run over by a twisted individual who supported that hate group. A young woman died and 20 other people were hurt when a neo-nazi drove his car into a crowd of people. Let’s not forget who the REAL victims are. The dead remember who the real victims were on Saturday.

Let’s not forget that these hate groups that he claimed were “protesting silently” were (in reality) waving torches and shouting racist comments 12 hours earlier, and were walking the streets of this country with riot gear and AR-15s. Our streets remember when the safety of American families were put at risk by a hate group, whether permits were obtained or not…


At times like these, the country looks for moral leadership, and quite frankly: we are not getting it. Instead, our leader lashed out at the CEOs who took the moral high ground today, and he called them “grandstanders” for that… but I think we all know who the real grandstander here is…

Our leaders are expected to represent American Values, and should be held to the highest moral standards. That is what sets us apart.  

So far this year, I am embarrassed at how those values are not being represented… the highest moral standards have been replaced by angry Twitter tantrums that represent the worst parts of human nature.

This country was built on unity: People coming together from all walks of life… with 3 basic human rights…

1. Life

2. Liberty

3. Happiness

Hate groups need to be called out for what they are, and the hatred, disrespect, and moral cowardice they represent.

A white supremacist robbed a 33 year old woman of her LIFE when he violently and intentionally ran her (and others) over with his car.

White supremacists want to restrict the LIBERTY of African Americans and people of Jewish faith.

The lack of a moral compass from our leader in this case is seriously effecting the HAPPINESS of our citizens who are watching this bullshit unfold before our eyes. NEVER in my life, did I think I would ever see the day where the leader of the FREE COUNTRY would make an angry statement like the one he made today, insinuating that a hate group were the victims here. No… NEVER!  

I am tired of watching him tear our American Values down, and marginalize this country’s people. He says we need to “make America great again”?  

I have said this before: America is at it’s BEST when the people of this country stand together in unity and solidarity. We have a remarkable capacity for taking a tragedy, and pushing past it TOGETHER. We have a remarkable capacity for good, and caring… and helping each other. That is what really makes us great.

Sorry for the long rant, and I hope everyone has a pleasant evening.



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