Who Killed the Compact Disc?

Last week, I read an interesting article.  Someone was interviewing Jon Bon Jovi, and he mentioned that “Steve Jobs killed the music business.”

Now, I am a fan of Bon Jovi, and have been since the 80’s, but in this case, he is wrong. 

The I-Pod didn’t kill the music business, and neither did its inventor.   In fact, the ITunes service has allowed greater access to musical content such as emerging artists.  I would think that Jon Bon Jovi would respect that since he himself had to fight his way to the top “once upon a time, not so long ago”.

He is correct though that there is a problem here.  The mp3 format (as any HiFi audio nut will tell you) is a very low fidelity format that uses a lot of compression.  As a result, it does not have the same clarity as a Compact Disc, or an SACD.  Yet, people now download albums off of ITunes faster than the CDs fly off the shelf. 

Bon Jovi should not have a problem with this, since the artists still get paid if someone downloads an album through ITunes.  I however, do.

I like CDs.  I like that a HiFi format exists that allows me to hear every little nuance the artist intended.  I already lost the SACD format in the battle against mp3s. 

Think I am crazy for being a fan of SACDs even though they are now considered a dead format?  Consider this: home theater receivers no longer contain the jacks for a SACD player.  Now, all receivers can also connect to your I-Pod through a wireless connection.  Could we be approaching the point where home theaters no longer connect to a CD player too at some point in the near future?

Food for thought…

As always, feel free to chime in and let me know what you think. 
Best wishes,


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