On Hibernation and Other Things

Okay… When I made my “hibernating bear” joke/comparison a few months back… I didn’t expect the East Coast to turn into the f’ing Arctic Circle…

“Polar Vortex” — isn’t that what hit New York in the disaster film The Day After Tomorrow?

Temps in the single digits… Snow… Ice…

I blame the 10 pound rat with a brain the size of a cashew in PA…

–Okay… Seriously though…

So what is on the horizon?

I guess time will only tell. Hopefully warmer temps…

Now that I have run out of bad jokes and filled my quota for snarky comments…

Have to bring it back to Pop Culture: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure… (yeah…who saw that one coming?)

I was watching an old Springsteen concert on DVD and thought of Clarence Clemens’ role as one of the Three Most Important People in the World. He had this great line in the film:

“Be excellent to each other…”

Okay… I confess: that film aged pretty darned poorly! But what does it mean to be excellent to each other?

I consider myself a good person who is dedicated to the people I care about. I want to give freely of myself… Willing to do anything for my friends, never expecting anything in return. Genuinely enjoying the company of others… Showing compassion and kindness…and honesty.

There is NEVER a reason to be an asshole to anyone! I feel sorry for anyone who disagrees.

Wow: snarky comments, two movie references, a music reference, and my personal creed… That’s as good a place to end it as any…

Best wishes,


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