Catching Up

You know…  It has been a while since I updated my site.  Since I am on a relaxing stay-cation at home this week, I figure now is a good time.  The past few days have been great, albeit anything but relaxing (and that’s how I like it).

I had a great trip to the city over the weekend, and followed that up by going to a doubleheader baseball game. I took some great pictures of Central Park, and am getting closer to that ever elusive shot of the perfect pitch release…  I’ll try again on Memorial Day, this time with a fully charged battery for my DSLR so I’d say the odds are good.

I also saw the new Godzilla film, and feel it was a big let-down.  Godzilla was reduced to a cameo appearance at the end of the film while “MUTO” (some giant bug that looks like it was used in “Starship Troopers”) did most of the damage.  My other complaint is that I only found myself caring about one human character in the whole film, and they killed him off a half hour in…  Despite the box-office numbers: NOT WORTH THE HYPE!!!  It just wasn’t fun, and that is one element that the 1998 version got right.

This morning, I find myself a little bit distracted…  I find my thoughts dwelling on an old friend who I have not really spoken to in a little while.  Part of me wants to reach out to this person, but I also know that it is not worth the heart-ache…

I know how to make things right: Grocery Shopping!!!  (No… Seriously…)  😉

Until next time:  Best wishes,





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