I’m Back Again.

I want to start off with an apology.  I’ve been away for away for a while since things got too hectic for me to keep up on organizing my thoughts here.  Recent events however have encouraged me to get back on, and keep a forum where I can write my ideas in long form (sometimes very very very long…).

If I still have any readers left, thanks for sticking around.  I know it’s been about theee years since my last post, and I don’t know if I will write regularly… still trying to figure that out.  

I can say I will try to approach everything as I always have… discussing Pop Culture, and culture in general with my usual common sense approach that in reality only really represents my own opinion, and a dash of humor.  🙂
I’m going to vent…

I’m going to rant…

I’m going to talk at length about my frustrations, and the things in life that give me joy…
Ah… it’s good to be back…



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